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All pretty quiet in the DBU Writing Center for the past few weeks. I have night shifts alone, so I get a lot of homework done and see only a few people. The atmosphere here is so conducive to good thinking, such an intellectual atmosphere and so good and's great. I have had a lot of visits just from homies. I've been teaching one of my friends (almost) as much as I can about Plato, and I find she's a good learner.
I've been thinking about Fall semester a great deal lately. It should be an exciting time (as I think most Fall semesters are) in the Writing Center. We're going to have quite a few new folks working here, and that always kicks the energy into high gear. It is always good to see new growth and development in both writers and peer writing tutors.
Here are some quick reflections on writing from a theology/philosophy major who is also a UWC employee. Grammar and writing are so important. Truth has to be propositional. Things have to be said in the form a sentence, with a subject and a verb and a direct object or a predicate nominative. If truth is not in this form, it has no practical value, mostly because it is incommunicable. So it's pretty cool that I work for a Writing Center. I get to work with grammar, the vehicle of truth.
I'm still trying to think of various ways to get people to share in the Peer Centered Blog. Perhaps blogs are an acquired taste. I'm not really certain it will ever take off.
Ahah--comments now working. Unfortunately, the ones that were there are now lost, since I had to switch systems. In any case, comment away.
You know, here I am in the Writing Center, talking to writers about their work, and I just want to note the charge I get out of it. There is something about delving into the process with them--working with a writer to get a sense of it, or learn about something. Anyway responding to writing and fostering a learning situation is a charge and a half. I would hope that writers also have that experience. I think they do based upon their animation in the discussions.
We have 4 day weeks at SLCC in the Summer. While I think tutors and students like it, I think it is taking its toll on learning. I would keep the Writing Center open over the weekend, but the building is locked and the A/C is off.
I've contacted a few of the participants and some folks are interested in posting again, while others have moved on. We'll see how it goes. I plan on a bigger push for the fall. In the mean time, I've put on a comment feature, but for some reason the comment count indicator refuses to work. I will look in to it.