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Bon Voyage

I just finished my last consultation and last shift at the Boise State Writing Center. I feel a bit lost. For so long the Center has been the nexus of my days and weeks. The Center was the one spot I knew I could go and be with peers. I knew I could wander in at anytime and have a thoughtful conversation or hear unique viewpoint expressed in often equally unique ways. Most of all, I knew that I could talk to any consultant about any writing and receive honest comments, questions, and suggestions. I knew they were all ready and eager to talk about writing. And I knew that I could talk to them about anything else because they are a great group of people, peers, and friends. After eleven semesters--including summers--and roughly 870 consultations, I leave the physical Center. I am sure that I take a part of each consultant and writer with me. Thanks to all the consultants and to Mike, who agreed to put up with me in the first place. Zachery