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Reflective Practice

Hi All, As the end of the fall semester approaches, I plan to meet with writing tutors individually to discuss how the semester went (e.g., strengths they feel they exhibited, target areas for improvement, challenges they faced, questions/concerns they have, etc.). Have you found any questions/approaches to be particularly useful when having such conversations with tutors/consultants? And, more generally, I am interested in effective strategies for generating a reflective practice in the writing center. In other words, what have you done to get tutors/consultants to discuss not only issues that come up in their work with students on writing but to reflect on their own tutoring/consulting practices and engage in dialogue about their practices? Thanks! A Reflective Practitioner

Peer Tutoring: Where Collaborative Theory Meets Practice

NCPTW11: Bloggers, Blogging, and the Blogging of Bloggers

Cassandra and Yecca talk about their poster session on working with bloggers at the Fashion Institute of Technology's Writing Studio .

NCPTW Keynote Address by Brian Fallon

Anyone Ever Tutored Online?

Hey guys, I am relatively new to peer tutoring (just started getting some "practice" consulting hours in my university's writing center as part of a Peer Tutoring class I am taking), but it's something that I am really passionate about. Right now, I am trying to learn more about online writing labs and what kinds of different kinds of online writing consultations different schools and universities have available to them. Are there any tutors on this blog who have had experience working as an online writing tutor and would like to answer a couple of questions? Basically, I am working to find out how online writing consultations can foster the same learning experience as a one-on-one, face-to-face consultation in a writing center. If anyone out there has experience with this and would be interested in participating, please let me know by commenting. Thank you!