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Praxis Call for Papers

I received this call for papers this morning: CFP: Fall 2007 Issue of Praxis – Diversity in the Writing Center Praxis: A Writing Center Journal welcomes submissions for its Fall 2007 issue. We especially encourage submissions on this issue’s theme: Diversity in the Writing Center . Articles on this topic may deal with the numerous ways in which writing centers foster and accommodate the diversity of their tutees and tutors. We invite contributors to interpret the theme broadly; however, some possible applications include Issues of power and authority relating to race, gender, class, etc. in tutorials Tutoring ESL students Questions of dialect in tutees’ writing Accommodating socioeconomic differences in the writing center (e.g., flexible scheduling for students who work fulltime) Consultations conducted in non-English languages International encounters in the writing center Submission guidelines: Recommended article length is 1000 to

Community outreach

East High School in Denver, Colorado has implemented an interesting way to emphasize literacy, reach out to its community, and to combat racism and sexism: "What we tried to do was create a day that celebrated literacy and lyricism," James Laurie [peer tutoring coordinator] said. "In the workshop, we looked at the power of words, sexism and racism."