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Call for Two-Year College Writing Center Video Tours

This just in from the IWCA Two-Year College Committee: Hey 2-Year College Writing Center Folks:  Show Off Your Writing Center! Share your space with the attendees of the 2nd Writing Centers in the 2-Year College Online Conference by creating a video tour .   What makes your writing center unique?  What makes it like other writing centers? These questions, and the 2013 conference theme of “Writers at the Center,” can help you to  focus your tour, but you don’t have to stick with just those questions, or belabor the connection to the theme.  The idea is to give the burgeoning two-year college writing center community a good sense of what our cohort writing centers are like, both physically and operationally. So, create a video of your space!   The tours aren’t just for showing off the physical characteristics of your center, but are also for taking a look at who is in the center, who works there, how it operates, and what impact it has on those who visit.   Your video doesn’t have t