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A Writing Center Epic, and I Need You!

Hello, My name is Shawn, and I’m a sophomore in college working on a major in Creative Writing. I’m also a tutor at our writing center here at California University of PA. I’m currently working on a project for the upcoming NCPTW, and I need your help. I’m asking tutors and directors all over for their response to this question: In your personal experience, how would you describe what a writing center is in fifteen words or less? By gathering responses from a variety of individuals from a wide range of area, I hope to understand all the different ways that there are to view a writing center and what its role is in a community. Then, drawing on my experience as a creative writing major, I hope to craft these responses into an epic poem of sorts that will capture all these different perspectives. So, make your responses as unique and as creative as you wish! Is a writing center like a steamship churning upriver or a hot air balloon gliding through the air? Is it as infectious

The Role of the Writing Tutor

What role does the tutor play in helping the student learn about her writing? The role of a tutor is the ultimate multitasker. The tutor gathers information, reviews material, and determines how they can advise the student regarding their work. The tutor and the student work in a collaborative spirit while they both gain a deeper understanding of the writing process. The student leaves with enhanced writing skills and direction on how they plan to finish their project.

The ‘Write’ Path

Hello . . .  my name is Anthony, and I’m an addict. Hi, Anthony. I'm addicted to language, people, social constructs, beef jerky, sports, diet Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper, other stuff that'll probably kill me or has at least taken minutes, days, weeks off my life. But what won't kill me or weaken me is my job. I’m a University Writing Center (UWC) consultant at Texas A&M University, and my goal is  not  to make someone's writing   better by using a red pen and speaking in condescending literary jargon. No, in the UWC, none of that pretentious attitude is found, encouraged, or tolerated. Actually, quite the opposite. Using a collaborative approach and c'mon, yes, push it, much like trainers do in a gym, we consultants strive to shape "non-writers" into muscular, healthy writers. You'll find us in the Bat Cave (aka the consultant lounge), typing away vigorously, aimlessly sometimes, for more reasons than awaiting the chance to untangl

Next live chat: working with non-native speakers of English

We had a great live chat yesterday on PeerCentered. Our subject was "Why tutor?" and the conversation ranged from why folks chose to tutor, why they keep tutoring, and what they gain from their work.  No one dared to try A/V, but the texting was still productive and interesting. For our second live chat of the season we will be talking on the issue of working with non-native speakers of English at institutions where instruction takes place primarily in English.  We will meet a 12:00pm Mountain Daylight Time (2p EDT, 1p CDT, 11a PDT, 7p GMT), once again, in the SLCC Student Writing Center's online space at . You don't have to be a peer writing tutor to participate in the discussion, but that's who PeerCentered is primarily for. See you on October 4!