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The Breakroom S02E01 "The Genius"

Never Fear Creative Writing

Nicole Porcello Endicott College Creative writing, for most people, including myself, is a passion. We use creative writing to express the deepest parts of ourselves, and to demonstrate the ways in which we see the world. Creative writing, as a work of art, can take on the form of a poem, a short story, a play, etc., but most importantly, as Hans Ostrom describes “creative writing is writing ” (Ostrom 148). Additionally, Bonnie Devet points out that “consultants often feel intimidated by fiction writers” (6). However, despite the fear that surrounds tutors working with creative writers, and the fear that creative writers have of putting their work out for critique, we all need to remember this simple fact: Creative writing should not be put into a completely separate category from the other types of writing reviewed at a Writing Center, because it is simply another genre, another subject. Business majors and art majors do not use the same type of writing to convey their ideas, a