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A Curveball Consultation

  Many of you know the standard  r outine  of  an  English  tutor ' s   work .  That is t o say, we   have  all  ha d  consultations that become  regular  and have a theme. Maybe you tend to get a large amount of History papers, or rather you have quite a collection of creative writing. Whatever you may feel this to be we all have a consultation that we are used to. But what happens when you get  a very short or long piece or writing  that you don't know what to do?   T o many this sounds like a nightmare only a tutor would have, but to us (tutors) this is a very feared event.  This article will be s pecifically  focusing on very short  consultations with  an  overview on how to help  other strange  consolations .   T o   overcome this  problem ,  we will first  need to get an example  of it.    One day while working at my local  high school  as a tutor I saw I had a client that day. Nothing seemed to be abnormal and all the client stated for the writing piece was tha