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Minimalist Theory: When and When not to Use it

Minimalist theory is one of the most valuable tools a consultant has when  helping a  student  improve as a writer.  It allows writers to come to their own conclusions and thus helps them improve their future writing.  However,  minimalist theory is sometimes hailed as gospel  and enforced as the  only  way to  consult.  While minimalist theory is certainly valuable, it defiantly isn’t the only way to consult nor is it the only way to have a student improve as a writer.  It is important as a consultant to be able to  distinguish when and when not to use minimalist theory.   Minimalist theory is, in its basic form, a type of consulting that allows the consultant to let the writer come to their own conclusions about their writing. It is more hands off and guiding rather than straight up telling the writer what they should do to improve their writing. It may include asking the writer questions or asking them to practice their skills. Take this exchange between a consultant and a Jun