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Call for Papers: Winter 2012 Issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly

Hello All, The Winter 2012 Issue of Academic Exchange Quarterly is now accepting submissions for its special section on Writing Center Theory and Practice.  A rticles may explore issues of theory, practice, and experience in writing center work, including qualitative and empirical studies, discussions of pedagogy, and analyses of theory in three overlapping areas of inquiry.   Articles may also consider the following: How writing center professionals cope with change and the eventuality of needing to expand their efforts in response to new economic and demographic challenges. Furthermore, as we move towards increasingly viral and technologically dependent learning communities, how can these efforts help meet the evolving demands of our students?   In addition to Writing Center Directors and other Administrators, we welcome submissions from professional staff, faculty tutors, and graduate students who work in the Writing Center.  Manuscript length should be between 2,000 and 3,00

Fall 2012 International Writing Centers Association Conference

9003 COLS Int Writing Center Flier IWCA Fall 2012 Call for Presentations