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Next week, I found out recently, I'm going to be working the night shift (5-8 p.m.) for one night. We just started evening hours this semester, and I haven't worked them yet. Which Writing Centers have night hours and which don't? And, at those that do, is the student clientele noticeably different from day users?
This story sounds really familiar to me: The Penn Online - Writing Center fights to balance student needs with tight budget . I think we're all facing tight budgets.
wow! I figured out how to post! I just wanted to comment on the directors mtg held last week at UVSC. It was great to get together with people who have the same passions and problems that I do. I wish it were easier to have the heads of regional writing centers get together because I think we have a lot to offer each other. I'm looking forward to becoming an official region of the ICWCA.
My question for the day: What motivates students to come (or not come) to scheduled meetings? Three students were supposed to come to a meeting today, but only one of them showed up. And she was several minutes late. These students always say they want to do well, and always promise they won't miss--and yet they do. Should we start a chapter of Absentees Anonymous? Would anyone come to the support group meetings? Oh well--I have another appointment in ten minutes, and this student is almost always here...
We have a few new folks who've joined the blog team, but no one is posting. Basically post anything you want about Writing Center work--it doesn't have to follow any discenable discussion pattern.
I thought I would put the following question which was posed in a comment below into the blog proper so folks can use the comments here to answer: "Hi. I just found out about this blog, and I thought that I'd pose a question that a couple of the tutors and I are mulling over. When does a session become non student-centered and become assignement sheet centered? Is or can there be a session that is honestly "student-centered"? Tell me what you folks think...if there is anyone out there...: Rachel"
I had the honor of going to the University of Utah and talking to the tutor training class there. They were a great group--full of smart questions and interesting discussion. The University has just recently started a writing center. It was great chatting with the tutors as well as hearing how they deal with common writing center issues. It would be nice to have the peer tutors who work here meet up and discuss issues with them. Of course, folks could do that here too. Oh well, I'm not going to despair over PeerCentered. I will just badger people to death with its existence.
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