We just recieved the latest issue of Writing Lab Newsletter, and I'm particularly interested in an article from the folks at the College of Chrarleston Writing Center. It seems that their director has been collecting "exit essays" from graduating tutors from their WC. She has been doing it about 10 years now. What a great idea. I think I might start doing something similar at our WC, but I wish I had done so long ago. It looks like it is a great resource for folks currently working in the WC, and would be a great training instrument. As the article says "Having current consultants read and reflect on what their own peers from the last decade have said about working in the Writing Lab demonstrates to the present consultants that they are not alone in their constant, generous, sympathetic efforts to assist other with writing.... They are, indeed, connected to a long line of fellow workers who, like them, have realized the special roles they play as helpers to others" (October 2003, 15). That is what I was hoping Peer Centered could do as well. Oh well--we'll keep on trying.
If I have time, I'm going to make up some flyers for Peer Centered to take to IWCA Conference this week. I leave on Wednesday.


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