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There hasn't been a scrap of action on Peer Centered since last Spring. I didn't advertise it that much, so I assume that is part of the problem. I'm kind of rethinking where this is going and whether peer tutors are interested in participating in something like this. In any case, I've changed the design to pep it up, and have instituted's commenting system.

Perhaps it would be best to turn PeerCentered into a regulation blog, with commentary/references to other places that reference peer tutoring?


  1. Happy New Year!

    I'm wondering how much traffic Blogger actually gets. I honestly forget I have an account with Blogger because I use it so seldom. Perhaps I am alone in this, but I much prefer LiveJournal. I'm a member of several communities there--some of which revolve around writing, teaching, and graduate studies--and these groups are all quite active.

    Perhaps a different venue is what's needed, not a different mission.

    Just a suggestion.


  2. Well Blogger, per se, is not like live journal in that it doesn't necessarily collect blogs or index them. It just allows for a publishing venue. Granted there has been some rudimentary attempts at blogger of doinga community kind of thing, but its value is more in providing publishing space than anything else. In any case, it is worth considering a move.


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