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WRITER’S CAFÉ – Creative Sharing

The Bridgewater State College Writing Studio provided a unique forum for clients this past semester. Professor Lee Torda and Writing Studio Director Kathy Evans created the concept of Writer’s Café. The Writer’s Café was successfully presented in the Spring Semester of 2005. The event provided a supportive atmosphere for Writing Studio clients who were interested in sharing their writing with an audience.

The Writing Studio consultants encouraged students to submit their work in a drop-box at the Studio. Consultants took turns reviewing the submitted pieces and chose several of them for presentation at the Writer’s Café. Students were welcome to submit either works of fiction, poetry or essays.

The Writer’s Café was a great success, and many clients read their pieces to a receptive and eager audience. We provided food and beverages to help create a more relaxed and comfortable environment. The positive atmosphere of the Writer’s Café prompted enthusiastic feedback from both faculty and students.

We believe the Writer’s Café added an enjoyable, stimulating aspect to our Writing Studio. The Café offered an outlet for those clients who wanted to share their writing, and allowed for a new level of consultant/client interaction.

Due to the excellent response we received, the Writer’s Café will be held once per semester.

Graduate Assistant
Bridgewater State College Writing Studio


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