They got the name wrong, but the spirit is there

Setonian Online: Writing Week to assist students: "For the first time this year, Seton Hill University (SHU) will be involved with International Writing Week (IWW) from February 12-18, 2006.

IWW is sponsored by the SHU Writing Center. Advisor Kim Pennesi stated “Everyone celebrates the event differently. SHU is planning on celebrating who we are by trying to outreach and educate people about Writing Centers with activities which they are able to benefit from.”

The idea for IWW branched from the popular International Writing Center Association (IWCA) who sponsors the week annually to countries all over the world.

The IWCA was founded in 1983 and is a continuum of National Writing Centers Association and has encouraged many schools to become involved.

Write Aid is designed to demonstrate getting-started skills, organizing, revising, and incorporating sources."


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