The Enquirer - Ryle footballers help out

The (Cincinati) Enquirer ("Ryle footballers help out") has a nice piece about a peer tutoring program at Ryle Highschool in Cincinnati:
"Scott, a tailback and safety, is in his first year in Ryle's peer tutoring program. Vince, a fullback and linebacker, is in his second year.

'Everybody thinks football players are big meatheads who just like to go out and hit people, but we're not like that at all,' said Scott."
and further

Deb Janowiecki runs the peer tutoring program and said the tutors also learn how similar they are to the kids they're helping.

"They learn that they like the same kind of social things, have the same emotions, go through the same stages and want the same things out of life," said Janowiecki.

Jennifer's father, Mark Staggs, said his daughter feels a strong bond with Scott and Vince and that they've helped her feel more connected to the school.

There is usually a great deal of focus when discussing peer tutoring programs on what the tutee gains out of the experience. It is good to see a newspaper with a broad audience explore the benefits provided to the tutors.


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