Well, my series of posts on difference in the writing center kind of fizzled out. I have to apologize for that. After the ECWCA conference, things just got backed-up for me and unfortunately this blog hit the back burner. I really enjoyed the conversation from the posts I did get up (and from this blog in general). I never did write posts on gender, age, and sexual orientation, although I had planned to.

I'll be working reduced hours in the WC over the summer. Due to typically slow summers, we're only open a part of the time, and with less tutors. So just a quick poll today - is your WC open over the summer? If so, are hours reduced? And how about actual use? Slower, busier, or about the same?


  1. We're actually just as busy in the summer semester as we are most other semesters--just on a more compact scale. We have an 8 week and 12 week semester in the summer (as opposed to 17). Students tend to get more rushed and, therefore, come in sooner. I suppose this is a big difference between Community Colleges and tradition higher ed: students don't really follow the traditional academic schedule.

  2. The BSU Writing Center is open 9-4 Mon-Thur. So far we haven't seen much traffic, but I've been told to expect more e-mail consultations soon. The current lull, however, has allowed us to tackle summer projects, such as creating an online survey and housecleaning. Yesterday we found a hidden cache of stress balls and pencils behind a desk. It was a good day.

  3. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Glad to hear some WCs are busy this time of year!

    Oh yes, those summer projects. We do our annual housecleaning over the summer, too. Though I doubt we'll find any treasure.


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