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PeerCentered FlashMob 3.0

PeerCentered Flash Mob 2.0 in Baltimore
Come join PeerCentered colleagues attending the upcoming NCPTW conference in Miami in a flash mob & get an official PeerCentered sticker for your name badge! The plan is to meet up at the Pizza Reception/Poster Session on Friday at 5:00. You can dance if you want to, but if you don't dance and if they don't dance, well they're still friends of PeerCentered. As at the last PeerCentered FlashMob [TM] we will be trading erstwhile mascots. Bring your stuffed animals/tin Elvises/whatever to trade with other PCFlashMobbers. Last year, for example, the SLCC Student Writing Center traded its fake Pepe Le Peu plush animal for a rather fetching tin angel Elvis. This is the third PeerCentered flash mob. Our first was held at the 2008 Las Vegas NCPTW/IWCA joint conference. The second was in November 2010 in again at the IWCA/NCPTW Joined Conference. This is our first with just an NCPTW mob!


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