Rhetorical Confidence: What Happens When We Anticipate Student Expertise

Today, April 4, 2012, Tiffany Rousculp delivered the 2012 Salt Lake Community College Distinguished Faculty Lecture, "Rhetorical Confidence: What Happens When We Anticipate Student Expertise." Tiffany, former director of Salt Lake Community College's Community Writing Center, talked about her experience at the Community Writing Center with, for want of better terms, shared governance and how issues of authority and expertise played out there. She went on to connect that experience with the traditional classroom in an English 2010 course at SLCC.  Specifically, Tiffany explored how "specific uses of rhetorical priciples in teaching can empower students to become more engaged readers and writers, and thus improve their ability to succeed in their educational goals."  Tiffany shows how we can apply writing center theory and practice to other educational moralities.


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