Meet the Author Discussions

Tomorrow, April 18, 2013, we’ll be discussing I Hope to Join the Band with Frankie Condon at 2/1/12/11/19 (E/C/M/PDT/GMT).
 Next week we have three sessions!  On Monday, April 22, 2013, we’ll be talking with Neal Lerner about his book The Idea of a Writing Laboratory also at 2/1/12/11/19 (E/C/M/PDT/GMT).
 On Tuesday, April 23 again at 2/1/12/11/19 (E/C/M/PDT/GMT), Andrew Rihn will be leading a discussion with Mickey Harris.
 On Thursday, April 25, 2013, we’ll be talking to Karen Rowan and Laura Greenfield about _Writing Centers and the New Racism _ also at 2/1/12/11/19 (E/C/M/PDT/GMT). All discussion are held in the PeerCentered TinyChat space: Make sure you go to that URL.  We had some folks show up to the SLCC Student Writing Center’s TinyChat space.  They are most definitely not the same room.


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