The Breakroom S02E01 "The Genius"


  1. Anonymous10:44 PM

    "It's absolutely perfect, wouldn't you agree?" Overconfidence dazzled with an expanded ego, quite possibly the perfect recipe for disaster. This clip caused me to chuckle and it’s not all due to the acting that is comparable to William Shatner’s. I have over several occasions worked and spent time with boastful people. Time to time these individuals find it necessary to shove a hero sized: Ability and Success Sandwich down my throat. We are all imperfect, we’re human. Any piece written will never be the best it could possibly become. That is a great reason we've got the writing center! It welcomes all writers; even the boastful ones and they’ll always be assisted. My name is Kenyon Brown and I am very excited to be working there and helping all aspiring or experienced writers alike. I also promise not to give the biggest cheesiest smile and mention, “THANKS GUYS!”

  2. It isn't often that we encounter an arrogant writer to the extreme portrayed in the video, but still we have writers who really don't want to listen to whatever others have to say. At least the guy came back and was willing to listen more. Ego can be a tricky thing: sometimes it is a cover for insecurity, that's for sure.


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