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Organizational Patterns

I arrived at the comp fellow’s office a few minutes before the scheduled appointment time to get my laptop, notes and the course syllabus within reach just in case I would need to refer back to any of the sources during the upcoming session. Being punctual allows the tutor to gain order and control over a tutoring session. Displaying proper organization prior to the start of an appointment creates an educational environment. This organizational pattern is recognizable not only by the students but also by professionals across all course curriculum's. This instills the students with a sense of security and trust in the tutor’s authority.
As a writing fellow I am always appreciative when a student displays signs of preparation before a session. During a session last week it was apparent that the student reviewed the syllabus beforehand seeing as she entered the session with an already clear topic for her research assignment, on the city of Paris. The directions for the research assignment stated to pick a destination to travel or means of transportation, since she had already made a decision we were able to focus on the research and writing portion rather than the brainstorming phase.

This example relates back to my previous statement about organizational patterns and how recognizable it is not only for students but also for tutors or professors. I appreciated her genuine interest in the subject and the time she put into the assignment before our session; it confirmed that the student cared about her coursework. Getting students excited about writing and discovering how they can relate their interests to the projects assigned is a rewarding experience for me as a tutor because at the end of the day writing is a unique journey and when given enough time and attention it is a thrilling journey full of understanding of the expectations one has for themselves as well as the expectations of others. 


  1. Destiny,

    I agree with you. When a student comes to a session prepared things are way easier to handle. The development of an action plan for the session is a lot easier as the student already knows his/her main concerns with the assignment. Also, if the student is familiarized with the guidelines it is much easier for us to orient them.

  2. Getting to instill the actual care students have for their assignments, and helping them attain better organizational skills and study habits is very rewarding. You are actually making an impact on these students' lives and seeing these changes be put to work in a useful and efficient way!

  3. Taking time to conduct research prior to any engagement shows sincerity and respect to oneself and to those involve. In this case, the tutee is displaying how much she values her session. It's clear that she wants to gain as much assistance as possible from her tutoring session. So I can definitely agree with you in saying that "it confirmed that the student cared about her coursework". In fact, as you arrived in a timely manner to organize the session, your tutee has already taken control of by preparing ahead of time. In my opinion, these actions set a strong foundation for collaborative learning!


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