Writing Center Myths

I posted this video because I agree with the first myth. I'm not sure if I understand the second one. Often, in my service learning, I have had a student come in and expect me to fix everything with the paper, then hold me accountable for the grade. I think this is a dangerous misconception of writing centers. So I learned to open a session saying that I am here to offer feedback and suggestions.


  1. I assume the second one is to address a common fear of writing center directors that requiring all students to go to the center will cause a massive overload. I've never seen that really happen, however, and studies show that requiring students to go to the WC does have efficacy.

  2. Hilarious! Can you imagine setting appointments as far out as the next semester? What a hoot. I think you are absolutely correct--setting the expectation is crucial. I never skip the agenda setting up front when first meeting with a writer. It's helped me--and the writer--in many ways. Thanks for posting this video. I needed a good chuckle.


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