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Fall's irony

It has always struck me as ironic that fall is the time when school traditionally starts given that fall is the time for crops to be harvested, the hard freeze to hit, and the squaring away of everything for a long winter. Even if late August feels nothing like fall, I still sense the hint of autumn in the way the light plays out over the land and the distinct chill in the early morning air as I hurry off to the bus stop to start up yet another school year.

Fall is, of course, spring for education. It is when students start anew and hope abounds.

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  1. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Fall is, of course, spring for education. A creative and truthful statement. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Living in Southern California, the heat of August I do not welcome. My sister and are always pleased when we feel the breeze of fall.

    It is very distinctive. The summer air is usually still, and of course, not cool. But when that first fall breeze hits, even before the autumn's first day hits on the calendar, we tell each year: it's fall.

    Since education has been my home for decades now, I get excited when the autumn breeze brushes my face and starts scattering the leaves. Students and classes; teachers and textbooks; ipods and cell phones. It's a tradition for me--almost equaling an institution.

    I put my yellow school bus flag out in front of our house, reminding me of my favorite school--Sunny Hills High. Precious memories flood my mind.

    On the last bus ride home from SHHS, my friend wrote on my palm of my hand in pen, "We made it!"

    Sorrow and joy filled my heart. I knew high school was over, and I was sad at the idea of parting with lifelong friends.

    Then, the fall blew around again. I felt the breeze. Fullerton College beckoned me as I rode my bike to a new campus but a very famaliar one also--education, my home.

    It's fall. Let the good times roll.


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