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There are lots of new folks from Boise State joining PeerCentered of late. Please introduce yourselves!


  1. Hello, Clint.
    We met last year at RMPTC 2007 and I'm working with Mike on RMPTC 2008.
    As my profile indicates, I'm the Graduate Assitant in the Boise State Writing Center. Also, this is my first year in the MA Comp/Rhet program.

  2. Hi Clint, My name is Jenny Lowry. I am in my 3rd and final year of the MA Rhet/Comp program. This is my first year working in the BSU Writing Center. Thanks.

  3. A big hello to Clint and everyone else here,

    My name is Alisha Kamph and I'm also a student at Boise State; I'm currently pursuing a degree in English. Unlike Zach and Jenny, I am an undergraduate, but am equally excited about participating in the writing center and in the discussions on this site.

    I'm looking forward to making friends and the exchange of new knowledge and fresh ideas...

  4. Hi all,
    It's my first year in the MA English program and also my first year in the writing center.

    Outside of BSU, I currently tutor kids in basic reading and math skills.

    I'm looking forward to working with adults and learning more about educational strategies and writing.

  5. I'll join with Alisha in being another undergraduate at BSU. I'm working toward my English degree with an emphasis on writing. This will be my senior year, but is my first year in the Writing Center. Hopefully I'll be able to continue working in the Writing Center as a graduate student next year--or the year after, depending on how badly I fry my little brains this year.

  6. Howdy all. I, too, am an undergrad in Mike's ENGL 303 and the sole linguistics major in the class. It suddenly occurs to me I might be the sole linguistics major in my LING 305. So lonely!


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