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Following Alisha's post, I wanted to bring up a couple more points on familiarity. As I settle into the center (I'm settling a bit uncomfortably since I just spilled a full water bottle all over my lap) and refamiliarize myself with the goings-on of the composition support community, I'm also watching visiting writers tentatively settle back into writing mode. A few appointments are appearing on the online scheduler, a few faces are peeping around the corner and taking bookmarks, and one student in particular came in, asked if I liked his haircut, and started making coffee. He was certainly a character--all people return to patterns in different ways, I suppose. After he made his coffee, he asked if I would work with him on his writing. It was a graded English 102 paper from last semester. Why was he bringing it into the center? Maybe he was putting me through some kind of assessment to see if I was the right tutor for him. I don't know...I do know that classes are cancelled tonight due to the snow, so I'm going to settle into my pajamas and refamiliarize myself with hot chocolate.


  1. Why would you ever let hot chocolate and yourself grow apart?

    On another note, coming back to the center after a few weeks always strikes me like coming home from summer camp. It was fun to be away, but there is something comforting about the center, something that makes me relax. Not much, mind you, but I relax in an odd I-am-at-work-and-going-to-rack-my-brain-to -help-another kind of way.

  2. Zach? Relax? I don't think you can use the phrase "I am at work" in your definition of relaxing.


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