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Hello from OU!

The trip to Oklahoma left a great deal to be desired, but the conference has not. Speaking as the lone representative of BSU and the person who traveled the furthest--within the United States--OU and the SCWCA conference is wonderful!

Granted, I have been harassed slightly about the BSU victory over OU in the Fiesta Bowl, but nothing too serious.

On more serious notes, there have been some insightful and fascinating sessions today. Following the theme of writing out loud, one presentation discussed how writing can become richer by thinking of it as a performance. Two other presenters demonstrated and explained the development of their "work matrix." It is a collection of adjectives that are arranged in a matrix by intensity and usage. It functions as a quasi-thesaurus for writers that they are familiar with but may not think to use. The mad-lib-esque demonstration resulted in a spirited discussion and collaboration of where work matrices can go and be used. Anne Ellen Geller gave provocative talk about what writing out loud really means and can do and how listening to out loud writing develops both the writer and the audience.

On an ironic note, I flew in from Idaho with clear weather, but Texas got six inches of snow, delaying some participants and presenters, including the keynote speaker, Anne Ellen Geller.

I hoped to have pictures to post, but that has not worked out.

More later.


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