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IWCA SI 2008

To follow on Clint's message about the webcast, I would like to make a few comments about the SI and who it is progressing.
To begin; we are busy and a great deal of information is being shared and discussed. There is no real way to contain it all, but the discussions and ideas that have spawned are intriguing and inspiring. To we began the discussion by looking at the similarities and differences between the varied centers represented. Four basic types of centers were detailed: high school, community college, American universities, and international universities. Each has specific needs and goals, but they all are focused on writing and writers.
From there we discussed the use of theory and how it to use 'theory' as a verb, not just a noun. This took some work to wrap my head around, but by the end of the session, my mind--and it would appear the minds of those around me--were spinning with new ideas and possibilities.
One phrase that I hear over and over hear: "I'm going to steal that," referring to a technique or practice. The goal of writing centers--as I understand it--it to explore, learn, tease, and collaborate; that is what we are doing here. Working next to a group of motivated, talented, dedicated, and energetic writing center folks is not easily categorized. I think it must be like living through a historical moment that everyone will remember where they were when it happen, like when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. I makes everything seem achievable.

While this is not even an iota of what has occurred, I have limited time.
More to come.



  1. Thanks for taking the time to blog the SI, Zach. I didn't even think of doing that when I was a leader back in 2005.

  2. yeah, Zach thanks for sharing about SI. It seems pretty intense, what with the moon walking analogy and all. I can't wait to hear more ideas getting tossed around. Keep posting! :)


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