I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!

Wait, am I? Well… not entirely.
As a consultant in training, I’m still not even sure what being ready to be a writing consultant would entail. It’s sort of like preparing yourself for the unknown. I mean, who can really say what kind of issues will come up in the writing center? We may assume that all issues would have to do with writing, but even that assumption is occasionally (usually?) tossed out the window. In the 303 tutoring class, we’ve read and discussed quite a few different perspectives and ideas about writing center consultations. We’ve talked about different situations and different strategies. Honestly, sometimes there is so much to think about I get a little dizzy. But, I’m making progress. I find every time I observe a consultation I learn something new. I notice that more and more I have questions and suggestions for the writer during consultations, so maybe that is a sign of readiness? I do feel like I am getting somewhere, but I’m not quite sure if I will be ready when I get there.
Does anyone else feel ready?
And if so, what’s your secret?


  1. Hmm...am I ready to consult today? Of course every session is different, so there are going to be situations that surprise even the most seasoned writing consultant. Perhaps it also depends on your scripting/improvising balance. We can learn methods to help us with both, but we should always be ready to be surprised.

    I think it's a great sign that as you observe sessions you have more and more questions and suggestions. Because, as it brought up many times in The St. Martin's Sourcebook for Writing Tutors, the conversation is what the session is really all about. :)

  2. Yes! I've gone from thoughts of being ready to "What am I doing here?!" Now, I am settling in with my own opinions of writing center pedagogy, based on our required readings about what has worked, in-class mock consultations, class discussions as well as observing live consultations. Of all my newly formed opinions, the basic element leading to success that I have noticed is listening. If I start there, continue there and finish there, I'm telling myself that I will not fail.


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