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The New Crew and Being Misunderstood: a two part blog entry

Since the semester started, I have seen many new faces around the Center at BSU. I am quite excited about this both in the sense that I get to talk about my experiences with writers, and that I am able to see entirely new, fresh perspectives of writing center work. For the past year now, I have been able to form my own opinions and pedagogy to working with students based off of class lectures, readings, writings, and watching veterans. But now I feel like I get to see all new ideas and personalities when working with writers, and, quite frankly, I am excited.

Now for my other thought. I visited a history professor of mine yesterday and threw out the idea that she suggest to students the writing center when they get hung up on developing arguments, creating flow in the paper, or simply writing a history paper in general. She was very excited that I mentioned these things rather than mechanics, grammar, and spelling. I have talked to people before who have all given similar reactions. I wonder if the writing center is pervasively misunderstood...If so, what can we do about it?


  1. Hi, Ian! The Writing Center is exciting these days, with such a shlew of fun (maybe they're even fierce, Clint) people around all the time. Also, Ian, you bring up great questions: is the writing center pervasively misunderstood? what can we do about it?

    Personally, I think always being prepared to give a quick shpeel is the best line of defense. I know there have been potential moments for such a shpeel that I have let fall by the wayside. I admit, I get lazy.

    A Confession: In line for coffee the other day, I had a brief conversation with a bubbly undergrad. As she headed off with her latte she said "Maybe I'll come see you in the Writing Center sometime. I'm a terrible speller."
    I just smiled and waved. Should I have run after her and told her I was a terrible speller too, and that she should come to the Writing Center, but not with spelling questions? I didn't...whoops!


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