High School Update

Hi everyone,

I know it's been a while since my last post, but things are developing well at our high school satellite writing center. Since we started the satellite, we've had more students come for help on various types of writings. Students have grown accustomed to seeing us there and have responded positively to the experience.

For the National Day on Writing, 15 students from Pace came to STU and spent time in the UWC celebrating with us. After the event, they created a thank you card of how much they enjoyed themselves. Some of their comments were:

"I had lots of fun and learned new things. The small activities were great!"

"Thanks for letting us see the importance of writing and how much fun we can have."

"My first college experience! The best was getting to read my paper out loud.”

Last week we helped a student with her college admissions essay. She was very happy and told her friends about it. On Friday, she came back with a sheet of paper for us. She was so thankful, she had decided to create a sign for us letting students know about the services we had on their campus. Although we had signs, it was touching to see that she wanted to help us improve the signs that we did have so that more students could receive help like the one she did.

I'll keep you all informed on the progress we make.


  1. Indeed you are doing a good job. There can’t be any better job than helping and guiding the needy students. The guidance you provide should be involving and inspiring. Students should feel the urge to help other students. With increasing internet us, you will get more access to different circles.


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