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A Writing Center Epic, and I Need You!

My name is Shawn, and I’m a sophomore in college working on a major in Creative Writing. I’m also a tutor at our writing center here at California University of PA.
I’m currently working on a project for the upcoming NCPTW, and I need your help. I’m asking tutors and directors all over for their response to this question: In your personal experience, how would you describe what a writing center is in fifteen words or less?
By gathering responses from a variety of individuals from a wide range of area, I hope to understand all the different ways that there are to view a writing center and what its role is in a community.
Then, drawing on my experience as a creative writing major, I hope to craft these responses into an epic poem of sorts that will capture all these different perspectives.
So, make your responses as unique and as creative as you wish! Is a writing center like a steamship churning upriver or a hot air balloon gliding through the air? Is it as infectious as a virus, as comforting as an old shoe, as unpredictable and all-knowing as a Magic 8-Ball? It can be anything, as long as it’s the truth.
I would appreciate if all responses could be submitted by Sunday, October 14, 2012. You can post them below, or you can email me directly at
Thanks and happy writing!


  1. A writing center is both a tailor who forces students into the corsage of #acwri and a passionate lover tearing the laces to shreds.

  2. Oh, wait, that was more than 15. Sorry I failed.

  3. A writing center equates to tailoring/fabricating #acwri corsages and then passionately tearing at the laces?

    Maybe that'll do you? (Although I prefer yours!)

  4. The writing center is where my students realize they are not alone.

  5. *lol* Gleeber, thanks - with a decision on that verb that makes for a precision landing! :-)

  6. a spontaneous road trip, destination unknown you drive forward, changing as experiences guide you.

  7. A space - no particular size/shape/form - where people's personal writing and reading spaces overlap.

  8. Anonymous12:52 PM

    A Writing Center is a place that gives students the tools they need to become better writers.

  9. It is like watching interactive TV, there is drama, soaps, horror, chick-flicks, comedy, and academics.
    Hope this helps you,

    Martina (Yakima Valley Community College Writing Center)

  10. Hey, guys, thanks for all the great responses. I really appreciate it. Now keep them coming! And tell all your friends (but only your favorite ones).

  11. It's Dr. Phill, Seinfeld, Opra, CSI, Natural Geographic, Disney Channel, and AMF, all wrapped into one!

  12. Thank you everyone for all the great submissions! Unfortunately, my plans to present this project at the NCPTW have recently changed, and I will not be able to attend. However, in case any of you were curious, I still plan on continuing with this project and, perhaps, preseting it at another conference in the future.


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