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They exist!

Through my observations at the Writing Center, I have very clearly and regularly seen the prophecy of "every session is different" fulfilled. Each session has provided me with insight and direction, and has added to the formation of my personal tutoring process. However, when I walked into the WC Tuesday morning, I was unexpectedly presented with a very special gift: The Perfect Tutee.

It might have been nine A.M., but this tutee was raring and ready to go. The second the tutor brought her back into the booth, she laid out her paper and proclaimed, "I need help creating a thesis statement!" From there, the two effortlessly collaborated to create a thesis statement that the tutee was very proud of. She was very committed and present in the session; her body language (chair close to the table, elbows lounging on the table, hands working quickly to scribble notes in the margins) clearly illustrated that she meant business. By the end of the fifty minutes, the tutee confidently directed the session. When she expressed how relieved she felt, I knew the session was wrapping up to be a success.

Although not every session can be this awesome, it certainly gave me hope. It's actually an amazing concept to think about: students take time out of their busy schedules to seek help on work that obviously means a lot to them! I think about my own ways of studying; I would rather struggle alone in my bedroom than seek help of my own accord. But students like The Perfect Tutee give me hope and inspire me to be an awesome tutor. They exist! They want our help! Keep calm and tutor on.


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