Monday, September 09, 2013

Fall 2013 Meet the Author Discussions

The next round of PeerCentered Meet the Author discussion has been set!  We’ll be having a weekly sessions on Mondays (at various times) throughout October on a broad range of topics. 
Come prepared to talk!  The moderation in this series is going to be much more limited and the majority of questions/discussion items will come from participants.   We, in fact, won’t even have assigned moderators.  I and some regulars will be there and will have our own questions, but then I’m hoping that all participants will quickly get involved in the discussions..
Participants won’t have to hook up to audio or video since all they can text chat with each other, but keep in mind that the conversation does flow more easily when more than just the authors/editors are communicating through live audio/video. 

All sessions will be held in the PeerCentered discussion Tiny Chat discussion space: .

Please announce this opportunity to any peer tutors you may be in contact.  You don’t have to be a peer tutor to participate, of course, but the mission of PeerCentered is all about peer tutoring in writing.


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