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To whom it may concern:

My name is David Ahlman and for the next year I will be working with a young, high school aged Burmese boy (struggling to speak English, let alone, write it) as a tutor for the Salt Lake Teens Write program put on by the Community Writing Center (CWC) located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. This program began two years ago geared towards helping under-priviledged high school aged girls improve their writing talents. Today, it is intended to help both teen men and women improve their writing skills in addition to introducing them to different writing styles.

Weekly, I will be held responsible to report my efforts and our regular discussion accomplishments to my superiors. However, during our discussions I will be accountable for the young man's general growth and appreciation for writing. To reach the goal for this growth, I will introduce him to varying, interesting writing styles (some of which are my favorite) in order to spur his desire and curiosity. Such types of writing include, but are not limited to: Poetry, Short-Story, Lyric, Music, and Essay Writing. Also, I will be required to assist this tutee in completing a college essay and application. All such writing (including those collected from our lessons) will be organized and condensed into an Eportfolio I will create for the student for him to carry forward into his collegiate career.

Taking on this task to serve has definitely become a burden, but not overbearing one. I recognize all my limitations and time constraints caused by school, homework, and work, but know I can be a positive, powerful influence in this kid's life. I love writing and am more excited than ever to begin this adventure! Above all these hopes, however, I anticipate he will inherit writing as a hobby and look back on our time together with a smile.


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM


    You said this at the end. "Above all these hopes, however, I anticipate he will inherit writing as a hobby and look back on our time together with a smile." It seems you're going into this with a very good attitude. I'm volunteering for the same program, and I'm willing to share what I learn from it with you. If you have any suggestions or would like to tell me about your experiences, I think it would help me in my tutoring sessions with the boy I'm assigned to work with.

    And finally, good luck.


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