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Mi Familia, Mi Futuro

Along with others, the University of Kansas Writing Center is participating in a program to encourage the Western Kansas latino population to consider higher eduction:

"Those offices include the Academic Achievement and Access Center, the office of the dean of students, the department of student housing, the Freshman-Sophomore Advising Center and the KU Writing Center. Others include the Office of Admissions and Scholarships, the Office of Student Financial Aid, the Student Involvement and Leadership Center, and the KU Career Center.

'The objectives are to educate the Latino population in western Kansas of the importance of college, encourage students to consider the University of Kansas as a transfer student, and answer questions in Spanish regarding higher education, with a family perspective in mind,' Pena said." ( Dodge Globe: Local News: Stories)


  1. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Hey Clint, thanks for posting about the Mi Familia program. This is a very new outreach effort. Western Kansas is typically not an area we have recruited in (for KU) and we have especially neglected reaching out to the growing numbers of Spanish speaking families. The program, a joint project of our admissions office and the multicultural affairs office, gets Spanish speaking representatives of the university to visit with families, provide some guidance in planning, applying, and attending KU.

    Our peer tutor, Will, is representing the WC in this. He is from Peru, grew up in Wichita and currently a student in the law school. He hasn't gone out to western Kansas yet, but is helping with the translation of materials to Spanish. Today he going to translating our writing center mission statement;I can't wait to hear him read it in Spanish.


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