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Peer Tutoring used to Teach Jamaican Troubled Teens

In St. Ann, Jamaica the Positive Behaviour Support Centre is using peer tutoring for kids who have dropped out of highschool:
"'We encourage peer tutoring - studies with people of the same age group, sitting down together and saying, 'let me show you how to do this', and so on,' [Clifford] Senior explained" (Support for St Ann youth - JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM, 11).


  1. I am thankful to you for helping troubled teens and their families. I have been working for teens from last 5 years and i think the time has come where parents now can get good schools for troubled teens. I have also tried to review some of the schools and programs for troubled teenagers.

  2. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Helping struggling teens and families of is very important. The information given by various websites is really informative.

  3. Yes, I am satisfied with the information given in this website. Parents can take help from here to select a right option for their troubled teens. It will be easy for them to choose an appropriate for teen. Several sites are available which provides information regarding troubled teens but I think this is the best site.

  4. Anonymous3:04 AM

    Troubled teens need extra love and care from their parents. Parents must know about needs of their children and understand them well. They must also give the best possible help according to the teen issue.

  5. Anonymous11:35 AM

    It is good to know that there are better resources which provide a great help for troubled teens and parents. Yours is one of those. Thank you for the listening ears and an understanding hearts. God will bless you for more success!


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