Blogging the Cs

Depending on if there is free Internet anywhere in or near the Palmer House hotel, I may be blogging at CCCC. I've got a fairly packed schedule Wednesday through Friday, but I should be able to write about things. Because of my meeting scheudles, however, I will not be able to attend very many actual sessions. I'll be commenting on the possible sessions in another post.

The PeerCentered podcast crue (as we've dubbed ourselves) will be meeting to discuss podcast possibilities on Wednesday night around 7. I'm sure it will be somewhere in the Palmer House, or at least nearby. Most likey attending are Kevin Dvorak and Shanti Bruce of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Michelle Solomon of Stony Brook. I haven't heard from a couple of other folks I've invited.


  1. I was tempted to create Podcast Crue name tags, but I'm not sure that we're at that level of nerd-dom yet.

  2. Hah! Perhaps we could get special Crue beanies and the baggiest of skater pants? Don't forget the bling!

  3. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Snowy here in Kansas...can't wait for the podcast so I can download it for my morning workout on Thursday. Wish I were there!

  4. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Any podcast available yet?

  5. Hi Eric,

    Not quite. The summer kind of took its toll on the idea. Hopefully things will rev up during the autumn.


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