Sealing Wax and Podcasts

Ok, so here is the skinny on what I am thinking about for the podcast: basically, like PeerCentered, it would be a community effort where folks from around the writing center world could create audio essays, conduct interviews, or other create other writing-center-related audio projects and I would edit them together into the PeerCentered Podcast. The purpose behind the podcast is to allow our community to share ideas in an audio media that we might not be able to share as effectively through writing alone. (Well that and it is a super cool thing to do. )

Aside from a desperate desire to be super-cool, PeerCentered has always been about experimentation with medium and trying to reach audiences over the internet in different ways. We started out, for example, as an online chat which evolved into a web board, which in turn evolved into this blog. The podcast seems like a good extension where we can share audio projects (I envision having "radio essays" akin to This American Life (This Writing Center Life?) along with interviews that folks might conduct with writing center scholars/theorists/superstars and perhaps (if proper permission is given) recordings of conference sessions or speeches or whatever.)

The podcast is open to anyone in the WC community, but I would like to encourage submissions from peer tutors. I'm excited by the possibilites the podcast represents. Hopefully we'll get some submissions.

If you are interested in submitting to the PeerCentered Podcast, contact me at If I don't respond to you in a reasonable amount of time, your message has probably gone into a spam mail filter. Please comment on this posting if that is the case.


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