It is all about timing

So far I've put out a private call to a few folks about participating in the podcast, but will soon be putting out a public call. I have to consider timing, however, as most of the WC world's attention will thrown to CCCC in two weeks.

Timing is the key on this, I think. Then again a call this late in the academic year might just go un-noticed altogether.


  1. I was thinking that it might be difficult to get folks to podcast unless they already know enough about it, and how to do it - and that could be the bigger problem, moreso than timing of the academic year.

    I also thought that my big ideas centered around being at NEWCA (or shortly thereafter - it's right at the beginning of Easter Week) and getting peer tutors together to discuss their experiences.

    Clint, will you be at 4Cs this year? If so, I'll keep an eye out for you. Live PodCasting from Chicago!

  2. That's a good point Michelle. I might note, however, that folks could produce any sort of audio file or, in fact, and audio tape as I can digitize such things rather easily. In other words, folks could use old school methods to produce their segment. I'll handle all the technical junk such as compiling the podcast and hosting it on a server etc.

    Yes I will indeed be at CCCC. I kind of have to as President of IWCA. I'm thinking of getting together with folks to talk about the PeerCentered podcast. I haven't made any specific arrangements yet, but I think it will be on Friday afternoon.

    As for podcasting CCCC--I am bringing my digital voice recorder which, while not having extrmely good sound quality, does do in a pinch.


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