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Add-a-line poems for International Writing Centers Week

The folks visiting the Student Writing Center at Salt Lake Community College have crafted several add-a-line poems this week. Basically one person writes one line and then another person adds a new line. Here are some of them:


She reads Popular Mechanics
He reads Cosmo Girl!
But neither understands
The implications of their wild radical ways.


The morning comes with a chance of snow
Then...nothing, so we wait.
The roads are crazy don't cha know?
Ack! The coffee shop is closed!
So I put the pedal to the metal
Stabucks, my corporate God, thank you
For your everlasting constant availability.


Wanted: One thesis statment
Found: Two statements from Thebes
Reward: one lost cat, owner Schrodinger
does not know if animal is alive or dead


What can you say about
Tucson in the Fall?
I'll tell you this
Its nothing like an English Ball
Aristocracy and finery has
No place
In the dry dessert season
Society, an extinct race


The words flowed like hard candy
Into the candy bin
Sugary sweetness of the solilioquy
Melting within
Cupcakes with monkey faces
Placed carelessly on the kitchen counter,
Mold and dessicate slowly.


What would you do if
You were fixed on the rage-pin?
Fixed like a broken
Toaster or fixed like
A stray dog?
Answer me that
Tough guy.


  1. You know, I really like that idea; I think I'll try that on our white board at our own center today.


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