“How I Write” celebrates five years - The Stanford Daily Online

The Hume Writing Center at Stanford has an interesting project:
“How I Write” conversations interview faculty members, graduate students, journalists and visiting writers on their personal writing processes. There are two or three such events each quarter. “We want to discover the wildly idiosyncratic way of people’s writing,” Obenzinger said of the series." (“How I Write” celebrates five years - The Stanford Daily Online)
It would cool to conduct such a project but expand it out to all students, not just faculty, graduate students, journalists, or visiting writers. I'd particularly like to see peer tutors added to the mix. Perhaps this would be a good podcast episode?


  1. You just gave me a really good research idea, Clint. I'm actually putting this on the list of subjects to research for my Master's thesis. It might be interesting to compare how people from across the university write, and how teaching writing affects how people write, and vice versa.


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