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Dear Friends,

I just joined this cool blogsite, so I have not read through all of the past posts yet. I am in a class for becoming a peer writing consultant at the University of Kansas. I am currently doing a project on online writing and tutoring, with extended topics of collaborative writing and collaborative work of all types. [removed] and [removed] are two sites I have set up for this project. I would love to have you all share your thoughts on any of the discussion questions or posts I have made on these sites. If you want to edit the wiki, you can e-mail me at [removed] and I shall give you the password. I need help making it more collaborative by gathering outside feedback.

Also, starting this week, I am going to be working on an I-Search paper--I am considering discussing the marketing of writing centers, the current mindsets of university members towards them, what has worked and what has not in increasing the number of students that come in, etc. If you have thoughts on that -- also, please post here or comment. Eventually, I will get this section put up on my sites as well.

Thank you so much for your opinions and thoughts.

Warm Regards,
Smita Desai

UPDATE: Smita notes that she is no longer involved in this project.


  1. Welcome aboard, Smita!

  2. Nice to meet you. I'm a consultant from Boise State University, and pretty new around here, too.

    Anyway, I'll be crashin' your boards soon--just a warning!



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