Prewriting Research

I have some questions that (if you respond) may help me with an I-Search paper I am writing for a writing consultancy class. Do respond.

What do you do before writing?
What types of prewriting do you use after you have written drafts?
Have you ever visited a writing center?
If you had to help someone with prewriting, how would you go about it?
What are some good research areas for prewriting?
What are some good web sites on prewriting?



  1. What do you do before writing?
    It depends on what type of writing. If it's creative writing, I'll sometimes listen to music. If it's academic writing, I'll usually read through books on the subject that I am writing about, then when I find a passage that interests me, I'll stop reading and try to use that point of interest as a place to start my own writing.
    What types of prewriting? Strangely enough, I just write in Word and fix and fix until I have something I like. So in some ways, I incorporate prewriting and writing and revision into one big glorious mess.

    Have you ever visited a writing center? boy, have I!

    If you had to help someone with prewriting, how would you go about it? I have NO idea. lol kidding! I would ask lots of questions about what type of writing they are doing and then hopefully together we could come up with avenues for them to explore.

    Whar are some good research areas/ web sites for prewriting?
    Check these out!:

  2. Believe it or not, before writng I clean my house, take out the garbage, and start a load of laundry. Sounds weird, but I cannot write (productivly, at least)with other things floating around my mind. If there's a mess in my periferal, than I can't write a word.

    In terms of preparing myself mentally, I am a lot like David. I read, read, read. Usually I'll find something somewhere that I connect with, and then it's On from there.

    I very seldom freewrite, which I realize that I should. I usually just start writing and revise as I go along.

    Before actually becoming a consultant, I had never been to a writing center. To tell you the truth, I didn't know much about them, either. I know realize the importance of educating students about them.

    If I was to help someone with prewriting, I'd, ironically, suggest freewriting. Like I said, I don't often freewrite, but when I have in the past, it was always productive!

    Hope this helps!!!


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