Its the day before Halloween :)

Last week my mentor thought I was ready to take over one of his sessions. I was so nervous, he told me I would be fine and he would be there to help me out if I needed it. His session was cancelled so I thought I was in the clear, until he had a drop in. We greeted the student and explained I was a tutor in training, and if it was okay with her I would be tutoring her. She agreed and we sat down. When I asked what she needed help with she said she needed someone to go over her presentation with her. I was thinking "Oh great, I've never observed a session that had to deal with a power point presentation. Just my luck." When I asked for her assignment sheet she handed it to me and explained some of it. All I kept thinking was "I hope I know a little of what she's going to show me." When she pulled up her power point I saw it was about Promotions. My mood went from worried to I got this instantly, because I am a Marketing major. After that it was smooth sailing. At the end of the session she thanked me and went on her way. My mentor said I did a great job and I made a few tiny mistakes. My confidence got a major boost!

Although that was confidence boost for me I still worry about having to tutor a ESL student. I have yet to see a ESL session. I have some insight in this area from my family because their primary language is Spanish. Although when I help them write out letters or reports I feel that I help them by telling them what the right word is or I write it for them which is what we are repeatedly taught not to do . It will be interesting to see how to to help a ESL student without doing it for them because that is what I am used to. Hopefully I can see a session like that soon.

Happy Halloween


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