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My First Sessions Observing

So far I have observed four tutoring sessions and I feel that I've gained not only experience but confidence that I can do this. I have been nervous from the start about tutoring because I don't want to misguide anyone that comes to the Learning Studio. I fear that I wouldn't know an answer to a question or how to cite things. My mentor has helped me with these fears and reassuring me that it's not as scary as it seems. 
Now on to my observations. My first observation was very short and sweet. "Jorge" sat down and said "This is going to be a short session. My teacher told me to come here. I already have written my paper but I need help to narrow the paper to the 1 page requirement." "Sam," the tutor, put Jorge's paper between them and had Jorge read his paper aloud and went paragraph by paragraph. After each paragraph Sam would say what she liked or what she had questions on. Once Jorge read his paper out loud he realized he also needed help with some of his transitions and had some questions about italics. At the end of the session Jorge was satisfied with his paper and thanked Sam for her help. When Sam got up to walk Jorge out she also mentioned other things the Learning Studio does and that was my first observation.
The three other observations went the same way, all the students had already written out their paper and their teachers recommended they go to the Learning Studio to get it checked.  Even though they came in to their edit their papers the tutors got them to engage in their papers and helped them find mistakes, opposed to telling them where they messed up.
So far these sessions have been pretty easy, I want to see a more difficult, I guess you can say, session to better prepare myself for what I might have to deal with.


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