Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The First Year Seminar Rationale

I know that I'm only a sophomore, and that this project should still be relatively fresh in my memory, but for some reason I have been having great difficulty remembering what my First Year Seminar class had to do for our rationale papers. I remember the project that I did for it, and then that I had to write a paper explaining myself, but the instructions that my professor gave were particularly vague and hard to follow, and I sort of stumbled my way around the assignment. I know that during the summer the new tutors got together for a pre-class meeting and talked about these papers, but I don't live in Chicago during the summer and could not attend. Is there some website that I could go to if I wanted more information on these papers? I've googled them, but I keep coming up with results from random places that don't look as though they have anything to do with the project that I did last year. I'm asking because I had a student come in last week who asked for advice with his rationale paper for First Year Seminar, and I was honestly stumped. I managed to not look like an idiot, but I felt like one and I want to prepare myself for this situation when it inevitably comes up again in the future.


  1. A change in philosophy is always something to strive for, especially when dealing with never-stagnant language!

    Hey, so what about the flipside?

    What about the international student's perception of the writing center (any non-repeat customer's perspective for that matter)?

    How could a university (faculty, ahem, included) help writing consultants do what we have been trained and continue seeking to do?

    Thanks and Gig 'em,

    Texas A&M University Writing Center

  2. Sorry, meant to post that on another blog!



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