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World Suicide Prevention Day

Death is never the answer, only the ending

When what should have happened a hand reached out in a way befriending

Think about if you or I were in this ugly spot

There was nobody there to put out the fire when things got too hot

No friends, no family and nowhere to go

This life can be miserable when the pain burns too slow

Life is a mix of whatever happens to be in the pot

When someone is down there needs to be someone to reach out their while theirs might naught

Nothing will stand in the way if your heart is determined to do the right thing

Into every life there needs to be joy and a reason to sing

This is where it goes to the friends and family

It is with we find in ourselves a reason to smile in our own simile

There is no one that knows our heart quite like the family tree

It is with them to share our hearts open and free

Even though, we hear about Robin Williams and celebrities that die every day

If there was something to prevent it from happening you know we'd find a way

But it is to the ones we know that have hit us with the greatest impact

It affects us in a way like a quarterback going for a touchdown only to find out he has just been sacked

Nothing seems quite so real as seeing the person every day and in a moment they're gone

What if it was your best friend that took his life a guy named Shawn

You spent all the time you had with him because the friendship meant everything

The pain he felt I had no idea, nothing can take away that kind of sting

To know now that he had a mental illness or disease and the pain that tore him apart

Now that he's gone the only thing left inside me is a broken heart

To end it all over this it must been very extreme

I only wish I'd have known it then we could have worked together like a team

The world continues on it's way, but nothing will ever again be quite the same

Suicide is a desperate act that we need to master and tame

Today is another day and the sun is outside shining bright

Every one has a journey that travels through the tunnel, we need to find our way through and strive to reach the end with the light


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