Monday, October 07, 2002

We are lucky enough to get a fall break at my College. I think it was well-needed since the consultants were being overrun with writers. I could see the pressure getting to them. Right now, while equally busy, it seems that people are more relaxed.

I know I am. I spent the 4 days wandering the wilds. A highlight was finally finding Smithon's Spiral Jetty. For those unfamiliar with grand-scale earthworks, the Spiral Jetty is out in the hinterland of Utah on the Great Salt Lake. It has been covered in water nearly since it was completed in 1971 (Smithson died not long after in a plane crash), and this is the first time it has broken the water level. The quiet and the serene order of something primordial was amazing out there. I come back to the Center--centered.

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