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"Biggest Loser"

Some of the ideas mentioned in recent posts, particularly the winter blues and WC cliques/communities, have gotten me to thinking, and now I want to share a new development in our WC with everyone here.

This semester, our campus Fitness Center decided to hold a "Biggest Loser" weight-loss program. I haven't seen it, but I guess it is modeled after a tv show of the same name. Anyways, we sign up in teams and spend the next three months trying to lose weight, to become the "Biggest Loser." So, in the spirit of WC community, I asked if tutors would want to form a team, and what do you know - seven of us are now signed up! (We're a small WC, so seven is about half our staff.) Our WC slogan is "Engaged on Paper, Engaged in Life," so this weight-loss program is a natural fit. Plus, it has tutors now going to the gym together, some for the first time. Although there are always problematics to weight-loss programs, it has been a pretty positive experience so far, and is helping us build that sense of community between tutors. And beat the winter blues!

So I'm curious if you have had any similar programs involving groups of tutors? Do you often, or ever, meet outside of the WC? If so, what kind of community-building work do you do?


  1. Anonymous7:09 PM

    I don't think we do at BSU. I don't recall receiving invitations to gatherings outside of work. It'd be really cool though if we did.

    -Phillip Bode

  2. there was a Writing Center basketball team a few years back, but I think it was more like a couple people from the writing center+anyone else in the English department who was willing to play team. We were going to have an intramural softball team this spring, but turns out intramural softball is only for girls at our school...

    Your arrangement, Andrew, sounds nice b/c going to the gym is something people do anyway, so why not make it a team effort?

    I think the most difficult part of outside-of-work gatherings is that inevitably, some people are going to get left out: there's no way to sync everyone's schedules. It becomes problematic in planning, when it seems like one has to pick between/among people's availability.

    Good luck w/ losing big! and I love your center's motto!

  3. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Does anyone have suggestions for other types of group morale activities? I was thinking an NCAA pick'em contest would be fun (just as long as it doesn't involve any Rick Neuheisel sort of shenanigans). What could be some events for a Writing Center Olympics? Jack had a great suggestion with Synchronized Consultations, what else could work?


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